4 billions Prince Harry marriage security expenses

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British prince Harry and American actress Megan Merkel are preparing for grand wedding in St. Vincor Chapel in 19th April. The world is looking it interesting as it is getting closer to the wedding ceremony.

Harry and Megan had publicly planned their wedding plans in November. Vincor Castle, the residence of the British Queen Elizabeth II, is considered to be oldest, where the queen often spends her morning. This is what Prince Harry is looking for.

About 800 people will be invited to the wedding ceremony. Although the formal invitation of marriage ceremony and launch reception is sent, the names of the guests are kept secret. Apart from guests in Vincor’s Castle, more than one million people are expected to attend.

The Thames Valley police have taken care of the function. The police have said this security arrangement is biggest in its history. Scanners are surrounded by sniper, each vehicle and check pool and scan will be checked by the scanner as per the airport. British newspapers have spent only 30 million pounds (over 4 billion rupees) to provide security at the wedding ceremony. The Royal church is sure to spend the wedding ceremony, music, full and reception with church services, but security expenditure will be in the taxpayer’s money.

In April 2011, Harry’s elder brother Prince William and daughter-in-law Kate Middleton got married spedning 20 million pounds. Similarly, Harry’s father Prince Charles and Diana Spencer married spending £ 12 million at 1981.

Four hundred police officer’s holiday have been canceled for security. If there will be a patrol from the trained dogs and horses around the Thames river, modern weapons will be set up at the dining hall including a special unit. The National Police Air Service will also be supported by security. Fate Battalion Iris Gardens, Royal Navy, Royal Marine, Three Regiment Army Aircrafts, Royal Gorkha Rifles and RAF Holdington staff will also be announced.

The police have said that the partners together with their partners, local business establishments and the community make the function safe and happy times. The police will be using automatic number plate recruitment (ANPR) technology, HVP and senior officers to get involved in crime in the past or stolen.