Australia seeking flash of inspiration as sun goes down on class of 2015 | Geoff Lemon

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They may not have South Africa’s clockwork game plan, but Australia’s unpredictability could yet secure a spot in the final

For both Australia and South Africa, before their World Cup semi-final, the main feeling could be relief that neither has to play India. The downside for the winner is that they have to go to Ahmedabad to play India. After the hosts racked up nearly 400 in the first semi-final against New Zealand in a gout of liquid stats, the second has a much lower profile.

At least, lower profile locally. In the competing countries that won’t be the case. Although another thing out of balance, aside from India’s dominance so far, is the significance of this result. In a year when South Africa has already won the Rugby World Cup, adding an elusive cricket prize would be huge – a moment of national vindication and celebration. Australian supporters might roll over in bed, grunt approvingly at the scorecard, and throw the World Cup on the pile with the other five.

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Written by Geoff Lemon in Kolkata
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