Australia v India: SCG fourth Test, day one – live!


6th over: India 22-1 (Agarwal 5, Pujara 7) That’s more like the Pujara we know and love. Vigil mode, as he sees out a Hazlewood maiden.

5th over: India 22-1 (Agarwal 5, Pujara 7) Nice delivery! Starc finds the inswinger with the new ball, threatening Agarwal, but this is a good opening batsman that India have found. He waits back, plays it late and squeezes it away behind square for three runs. Pujara is up for it this morning, he glances two and then checks a single out to cover, good sharp running.

“What’s your prognosis for this Test, Doc Lemon? I plump for a draw, and so an Indian series.” Please, Andrew Benton – Doctor Lemon is my father. Call me Zesty. But I don’t know where the draw’s coming from, unless you know about a Biblical deluge that the rest of us haven’t been told about. I’ll go on the line to predict that India will romp this in, given Australia’s batting.

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Written by Geoff Lemon (now) Adam Collins (later) and Jonathan Howcroft (later yet)
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