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Monday, October 18, 2021

    Haribansh Chaudhary

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    Public holiday at Province 2 on Modi arrival day

    On the day of arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be public holiday at Janakpur. Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Hari Phainal, informed that the Council of...

    Traffic businessmen demanded against not to invoke the strike plan

    Traffic entrepreneurs have already taken two conditions ahead of the government not knowing the movement. They have proposed that they should be 'face savvy', and they should be given...

    Labor Day Rally in Kathmandu

    On the occasion of International Labor Day, Kathmandu celebrated by demanding the government to enforce Labor and Social Security Fund. Various labor organizations have taken rally on Tuesday demanding proper...

    Temperature at Kathmandu: Hailstorm and Scorching sunshine

    Regarding the rainy rain in the hilly area of ​​the country, Kathmandu Valley has been steady for some days. There is rain in the sky, with dump clouds, sometimes sun...

    Sakella Celebration at Kathmandu

    The great festival of the Kirant community, the celebration of Sakella, has begun on Monday. In connection with the demand of 'Unnecessary Predicts, Disease Disorders, Natural Disasters', the beginning of...

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