Bilateral relationship between Nepal and China

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Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister, has said that India has a high-level understanding of the development of Nepal.

Praising the Nepalese decision to behave similar to China and India, Wang said Nepal could benefit from both countries. During the joint press conference organized by Beijing Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Minister said that the agreement already signed for Nepal’s development was serious for the consensus.

In the press conference, the Minister of Gyawali said that the bilateral relations between Nepal and China have reached a new point of view.

The two sides informed that there was a dialogue with the Chinese side for conducting a drinking water supply, saying that both sides are ready to work jointly with mutual trust and infrastructure, business, tourism, culture.

Minister Gyawali said, “I have a dream, to visit the state-of-the-art railway by looking at the romantic view of the Himalayas.

In the bilateral meeting, the Minister of State Gayawali had warned Chinese counterparts in the construction of Tattopani Nakka, Rasuwagadhi Bridge and rebuilding Highway.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gayawali said that Chinese Foreign Minister Gayawali discussed the possibility of interference between Nepal and China for conducting internal train. Gayawali met Chinese Vice President Wang Chisan before meeting with Wang.