Blockchain food traceability trial


KATHMANDU: The junar (sweet orange) of Sindhuli from this harvest season will be tracked using a blockchain-based supply chain tracking system, AgriClear. This first pilot project will track the information of junar from its pluck date to its delivery to customers, as per a media release.

It will include information such as origin, cooperative’s name, pluck date, distributor’s name, processing date, food mile, packaging date, and so on.

This pilot project will include junar farms associated with Chisapani Junar Producer Agri Cooperative, Sindhuli.

The farmers and cooperative will record the data of its origin, fruit description, farm name, and pluck date. Green Growth will record the processing date, packaging date, and tag junars with QR codes. Finally, when consumers buy this QR labelled junar online through Green Growth, they will be able to see all this information on their mobile phone by simply scanning the QR code. This pilot project aims to make the junar supply chain process transparent and traceable. ESatya and Green Growth are collaboratively launching the first batch of tracked junar this festive season.

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