Declaration of Laalbabu Pandit: 100k penalty for Solatee and Dwarika

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Laalbabu, who opposed the DV and PR holders in the past, has started raising the same as the Minister for population and the environment. The Pandit has started making five-star hotels and big hospitals at the same time.

Minister Pandit has decided to take action to the hospitals and hotels that are against the benchmark.

Minister Pandit has decided to pay a lakh of rupees on Sunday to the five-star hotel Soaltee operating in the Rav Bhavan of Kathmandu, saying that the operational impact assessment (EIA) operated in Kathmandu.

Similarly, the Ministry has decided to pay 1 lak rupees to the 5 star hotel gate operated in the Kathmandu-based Baatisputali of Kathmandu, saying the hotel is not being expelled due to expansion.

The Kathmandu Guest House, which is located in Thamel of Kathmandu, has also decided to pay a loan of Rs. 1 lakh for expanding the hotel.

Similarly, Minister Pandit has decided to pay a lakh of rupees, saying that the City Hotel, which is operating in Ravi Bhavan, is not fulfilling the EIA benchmark.

Minister Pandit has also filed a letter to the Health Ministry for conducting four major hospitals in Kathmandu.

Health Ministry has been handed over to the Ministry of Health for conducting action against the National Hospital, Kids Hospitals of Maharajgunj, Kathmandu Modal Hospital of Bhrikutimandap and Tripuraeshwar Kathmandu.

The ministry has decided to take action against the hospital after the Environment Protection Act, 2053 and Regulations 2054, were not conducted. Since the ministry is unable to take action against the hospital itself, Minister Pandit has filed a letter for the action taken by the Ministry of Health.

Similarly, the ministry has decided to pay 50 thousand rupees to Arianco Tutakharanini Cement Industries in Tohkharanini of Tanahu. The founding industry has been prosecuted after the EIA in Saturnia of Dong Dang has been operating the industry in Turbakharanini.

The decision has also been decided by the decision to pay Rs. 50,000 for the Kamla Rolling Mill Pray of Morang after getting the criteria done in the opposite direction.

The Ministry of Environment has decided to pay 50 thousand rupees saying that the milk distribution program operated in Balaju of Kathmandu has not completed the criteria.