Distractions can add fuel to Wales fire against Scotland, says Josh Adams


• Wing believes merger mess will not halt grand slam charge
• Ken Owens ‘looking forward to getting rid of some frustrations’

Aneurin Bevan, the founder of the National Health Service, said that politics at Westminster were nothing compared to those in Welsh rugby. Even at the height of the Brexit brouhaha, this week’s events have validated his belief. As Wales were preparing to face Scotland at Murrayfield in what they hope is the fourth leg of a grand slam, administrators were falling out in the most public fashion.

The question for a Scotland team whose problems lie on the field rather than off it after muted performances against Ireland and France is whether the uncertainty over their futures has unsettled the Wales players or injected a team on a record run of 12 consecutive victories and chasing a fourth title in 12 years with even more resolution.

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Written by Paul Rees
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