England 2-1 Belgium: Nations League – live!

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Jordan Henderson on the penalty: “I got in front of my man on the corner, and I felt he pulled me back. I felt I was in front of him and he pulled us back. I felt it was a penalty.”

There is good footage of Thomas Meunier discussing the incident after the final whistle. Smiles from both players, so a conversation in good spirit, but clearly the Belgian’s believes Henderson massively overplayed minimal contact.

Here are Mason Mount’s post-match thoughts:

Look, we’re coming into the game knowing they’re ranked No1 in the world. They’re a very good team with very good players. We knew we had to start sharp and we had to be on it defensively, because they’re very good around the box. They made it tough for us, we were hanging in there at half-time, we got back into it at 1-1, and we knew we could regroup then, talk about the things we could do better, and fix the problems we were having, and I thought we did that at half-time. I think it was just trying to stay higher, pressure on the ball, and trying to win the ball back as quick as we can. And also, be better on the ball. Try to keep the ball better.

It doesn’t matter how they go in. I found myself with a bit of space in the box and only had one thing on my mind, to get the ball out of my body and shoot. A big deflection, but you’ll take them. We’ve got the mentality, we’ve got the work ethic to get better and better and that’s the path we’re on.

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Written by Simon Burnton
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