England v Australia: T20 cricket international – live!


8th over: England 92-0 (Roy 33, Buttler 59) Agar goes again but the story is much the same, doing a lot right early on to keep the pair to three singles until Jos decides the time is right, coming down the track and hitting his fifth six of the evening, this time over long-on. Well done from Agar, slipping through a couple of quicker deliveries to finish, both of them dots. Australia would England collecting nine off every over from here, I am sure.

7th over: England 83-0 (Roy 31, Buttler 52) Stanlake to bowl the first over with the field out. Not a great shot to start from Roy but gets two. Buttler’s turn later and he’s nearly caught! Stanlake runs into Roy when running back to complete the catch. Aaron Finch briefly looks at the umpire as if to say the non-striker deliberately got in the way but it is only a polite enquiry. Jos doesn’t mind the kerfuffle, making room to slay over extra cover for six more. As you do, Jos! He then makes room the other way to lift over his shoulder another four. What a shot! That is the 50 in 22 balls so he has broken Bopara’s record! 12 from the over. That makes 83 from seven overs. Carnage.

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Written by Adam Collins
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