England v India: second Test, day two – live!


What a lovely way to hand over. Although it might be bad that I think the only time I’ve ever been described as ‘tender’ is on the OBO. This rain really is being a pain in the hole: not just that it’s rain, and cricket is thus not possible, but it’s been a cruel tease. Yesterday it rained, but not especially heavily, until about three. Then it eased off, not enough to start play but enough to give hope, before returning to the old strength when they did call things a day. And then, as we were waiting for the tube (I was there as a punter), there was a torrential rainstorm, which soaked us to the skin. And today, we’re given a little taste, a hint of Anderson, before being whipped away again, then hinted at once more, and whipped away once more. So, to summarise, the weather can do one.

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Play is scheduled to resume at 1.20pm, but I wouldn’t bet my last Rolo on it if I were you. I’m going to get some lunch, so I’ll leave you in the tender, loving hands of Nick Miller. You can email him at nick.miller@theguardian.com. Bye!

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Written by Rob Smyth (earlier) and Nick Miller (now)
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