England’s other squad: how the Test drama unfolded … in Bangladesh

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As one of the great Tests reached a climax, England’s ODI squad were scrambling to follow the action. Well, some were …

As one of the great Tests was building to its barnstorming conclusion in New Zealand, England’s other senior squad was just waking up in Bangladesh. Though it was not being shown at their hotel some players found ways to watch the end of the game, while others relied on messages from friends back home or at the ground. Moeen Ali took a different option: he slept through it all.

“I woke up at 12.30pm, got on the bus to training and someone said: ‘Did you watch the game?’ I’d forgotten to check the score,” he said. “I’d actually woken up for prayer in the morning, we still had Rooty and Stokesy in there and I thought we had a chance, but then I heard about the stuff that happened and watched the highlights on YouTube on the way to the ground.”

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Written by Simon Burnton in Dhaka
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