Fagu Purnima to be celebrated today on Hilly and Himalayan

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“Faangun Shukla” is celebrated on the day of full moon, which is celebrated on the day of Fagu (Holi) festival, in Himalayas and hilly districts.

The Fagu festival that comes from the message of mutual peace and harmony with the advent of spring is traditionally celebrated by various colors and lolas.

Last year, due to the activism of this festival celebrating the Valley in the Valley.

On the public, the special order of the desire of opposite to throw colors and looting has almost eradicated. On the previous day of the Fagu festival, it has totally become no waste of water in the capital.

In particular, the environment was made by young women to fill the lolas with water and could not reach out psychologically. But in recent years this problem has been removed.

On the occasion of this festival, people presenting in Basantanpur Kathmandu, with different colors and traditional customs.

Fhagu starts after worshiping the mangled tree in the rigged rifles along with the colorful flag of the Fhangun Shukla Ashtami day after the throne crowning in Basantanpur.