Farewell to Wayne Rooney brought cheers and a hymn to the new age | Barney Ronay

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It was a slightly odd occasion and Rooney’s reappearance in an England shirt provided a reminder how much football has changed

In the end Wayne Rooney got the biggest cheer of the night. Which was, after all, the whole point. With 58 minutes gone there was a roar from the bleachers that almost became a full standing ovation as the crowd rose to clap and gawp, sucking the sweetness from the last of those big Rooney moments.

He looked pretty much the same, just a little stiffer in this light and speedy England team. Rooney’s first act was to watch DeAndre Yedlin skim past him on the outside. He leaped for a couple of headers. A bit later a man in a red shirt ran on to the pitch and threw an arm around his shoulder before being led away by stewards, but nobody really seemed to mind much.

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Written by Barney Ronay at Wembley
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