Five things that you don’t know about Pakistani Rising star Haris Aziz Baloch

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Haris Aziz Baloch is one of the young promising pakistani rising singer born in 14 August 2000 at Quetta Balochistan Pakistan. He started his career when he was just 15 years old. He is one of the youngest pakistani singer.

Here are the Five things that you don’t know about Haris Aziz Baloch.

(1) He is an introvert and absolutely loves being at home. Haris currently resides in Islamabad, Pakistan. He finds comfort sometimes, being in a city where no one really knows who he is.


(2) He is definitely bitten by the travel bug. Haris makes an effort to travel when he can. This October, He will be visiting California for the first time! He can’t wait!

(3) He has many loving fan girls but he don’t have any girlfriend yet.

(4) He is obsessed with alien conspiracy theories…a little too obsessed.

(5) He is a medical student — currently doing his mbbs degree.