‘Food Carnival’ in Pokhara on the occasion of New Year


On the occasion of Nepalese New Year, the International ‘Food Carnival’ to be held in Pokhara. On November 30, there would be organized a huge carnival in the New Bazar Exhibition Center of Pokhara.

Organizer I Blues Management Pvt Ltd. informed that on the occasion of Nepalese New Year, it will be organizing a new generation with culture meet up carnival fare.

Kushal Thapa, MD of I Blues Management Pvt Ltd.  said that the program will be made to make a romantic stage of the opportunity to celebrate the party and DJ music in various food departments, ethnic and various profession dresses.

According to Thapa, a variety of dressing dresses, face-to-face mask make-up, dress code related to various business profession (doctor, pilot, police, army, nurse, aerospace, sportsman dress, as an angel, animal dress, cartoon dress, watchman’s dress, red indian, Santa Claus , As a joker, dress of various countries) and will be performed simultaneously.