Golden embed on the roof of Mankamana temple

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The work of the construction of Manmamana temple in Gorkha, which has been damaged due to earthquakes, has reached the last phase.

Temple Renovation Committee said that 90 percent of the damages damaged in the damaged temple of Jirnodwar. The golden lamp is poured out on the roof of the temple which is under the renovation.

According to the committee, the purchase of 15 kg of gold is estimated to be 3 crore and 56 lakhs.

Coordinator of the Renovation Committee, Narendra Bahadur Shrestha, said the work of the construction of the upper roof of the temple also reached the last phase.

Shrestha said that preparing to keep the jewelry in the temple and guard the temple.

According to the committee, it will take about Rs. 13 million to complete all the construction work. There are about 8 million collections from devotees for renovation. Shrestha said that the government provided four million assistance through the Archeology Department.