Good Bricks System


KATHMANDU: Good Bricks System by InnoCSR, a South Korean company, has introduced responsible and sustainable impact technology brick solutions in Nepal.

Using a proven technology, the leading South Korean company says its bricks are stronger and last longer. With a $125,000 grant from ADB Ventures, the Asian Development Bank’s venture capital arm, the company aims to reduce the industry’s harmful impact on the environment and health.

An automated non-fired, eco-friendly, labour-friendly brick is manufactured with three components: Soil (90 per cent), cement (9.8 per cent) and soil stabiliser (0.2 per cent), the company said. This technology has been successfully adopted in Nepal by Gorkha Innotech in Chayanglingtar, Gorkha.

The bricks have the required strength of minimum 8MPa and meet international criteria for ‘A’ grade soil bricks. In an hour, a machine can produce 3,500 bricks and in a month it can easily produce over a million bricks.


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