Goon leader Rigal imprisoned for lifetime


Three years ago, on Nepalgunj’s busy market he was accused for murdering a person, Yog Dhakal aka Rigel, is sentenced to life time prison.

District court Banke has been sentenced to birth imprisonment, including the accused, who was accused of accusation and murdered on the 29th Chitan Mandandhar of Nepalgunj-8.

Other 12 convicted people have been punished for three years to 10 years.

District Judge Bishnu Subedi has said that Yog Dhakal, who is called Rigal on Tuesday, has declared imprisonment. The trial hearing started on Sunday.

Sohan Singh Dhakal, who is involved in the incident, has been punished for life imprisonment for Premierj Khatri, Bishshwaj Khatri, Bishal Gautam, Chabilal Basnet, Nagaraj Khatri and Mohan Lal Khadka.

Similarly, Madhav Nepali, Biraj Pathak, Hari Oli, Manish Chaulagain, Pritam Thapa, Yam Bahadur Budhamagar, Keshav Bahadur Rokaya, have been sentenced to life sentence for three years.

Deependra KC, Deependra Singh, has said that Dankendra Mallal has been punished for 5 years and Dippasi KC, who had been cleared by the District Court, said Dipendra Lamichhane, who was living in the district court, had been cleaned.