How to be a successful entrepreneur? Tips by Eric Luevano

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As a kid, Eric Luevano was taught that the 9-5 was the conventional way of life.

Growing up in a Hispanic neighbourhood in Pasadena California, Eric was brought up with the career lessons most of us learned as children;

We were told to go to school, get decent grades, graduate from school, then proceed to college.

After college, if we were lucky enough, we would secure a high paying job in a good company and work for them our entire lives until retirement.

And this seemed to be the case for Eric until a sudden turn around came when he was introduced to Network Marketing as a sophomore in college. Back then, Eric was a waiter at a restaurant and had no idea about passive income.

The idea of earning money from multiple streams at once seemed like a dream, and Eric was intent on having this dream become a reality.

Shortly after venturing into the network marketing industry, Eric discovered his true passion; Sales and leadership, you could call this Entrepreneurship if you wish.

Eric applied one of the basic principles all successful people practice, hard work. With this virtue in hand, Eric was able to become one of the youngest top income earners in his new company.

Having no prior experience in this type of industry, Eric reached a rank in his company that generated $10-15k per month, and he was able to achieve all of this in 9 months.

Eric had realized his dream, and most importantly, the freedom that came along with it.

Everything was smooth and rosy for about three years until tragedy struck;  the company he worked for shut down overnight.

What made things worse was that Eric had no backup plan for this kind of situation. He went from 5 figures a month to rock bottom; the same way his company crumbled.

He faced the harsh truth that he needed to find another means of achieving success.

New Horizons

Months went by, and Eric was still in search of a market with a proven system, one he could tap into. 

An intervention came during a visit to the barbershop. While Eric sat down in the barbershop, the owner of an ATM that was placed in the shop’s vicinity, walked in to refill his machine.

Something sparked in Eric’s mind when he saw this. This action piqued his interest, and his curiosity made him ask the individual filling the ATM if he was the legitimate owner of the machine.

And he confirmed he was!

Immediately, Eric formulated plans and thoroughly researched all the steps needed to operate his own ATM business.

He also looked into the tools and legal precautions that were involved in the industry he had just discovered to ensure that it would be a successful business investment.

Time passed, and after numerous attempts at cold calling and walk-ins gone wrong, Eric finally landed his first deal! And this came after he reached out to over 100 businesses.

Eric set his first ATM in a salon located in an affluent area. He visualized this area as a gold mine, but it wasn’t. This first attempt ended in a fiasco. In his first month, you could say he was barely afloat.

Overcoming Setbacks

It’s often in trying times that the real entrepreneurs are separated from the fakes. Eric suffered from feelings of self-doubt, negativity, and failure due to this attempt gone wrong.

But he didn’t let this derail him. Eric had set his sights on victory.

A wise adage says, Your network is your net worth, so Eric decided to reach out to his network.

He created a social media post, and surprisingly, a friend he knew from years back saw it and decided to touch base.

His old friend was able to set up a meeting with a colleague who owned local business. They reached a deal and agreed that both parties would benefit from the placement of Eric’s ATM’s at their business locations.

The ATM was moved to the new location, and this was a significant win! This single ATM brought in $4k in its first month. Not to mention, the other ATMs strategically placed at different locations that month as well.

Eric is one of the select few who can carve a name for themselves in an industry that’s never been trodden before. Not only did he find success in this different industry, but he was also able to show the world a new source of passive income.

Today, Eric is known as the first social media influencer to become an advocate of the ATM industry.  He made a name for himself in such a short period through hard work and became an authority in this space.

In more recent times, Eric maintains his role as a mentor to entrepreneurs and one of the largest ATM portfolio holders out there. He is rightfully bearing the title, ATM king!