Huawei to give 100pc refund if Google apps not accessible


Following US restrictions Google decided to ban all services from Huawei

Kathmandu, June 23

Huawei Nepal today announced that it will provide 100 per cent refund to users of Huawei products. After receiving a flood of queries from customers over access to Google apps on Huawei products, the company has decided to provide a full refund to its customers if any of its products cannot access Google apps.

Huawei customers are afraid of losing access to Google services at the moment while users are also worried about not being able to access the software to upgrade Google apps on their phones.

“In order to address the growing concern of customers, the distributor of Huawei smartphones in Nepal has assured its customers a full money-back guarantee if the applications fail to work on Huawei phones and tablets,” said Roshan Neupane, marketing manager of Huawei Nepal.

According to Neupane, there has been no complaint from its current customers and it is the new customers who are often visiting Huawei showrooms to know whether Google apps will operate on the new smartphones.

He, however, said that sales have declined by 30 per cent at the moment.

“There is no doubt that our smartphones and tablets will be able to access Google apps.

However, we are finding it difficult to assure customers about this, especially those who want to buy new Huawei products,” he added.

“We have been trying to assure people that Google apps will be accessible in our phones and tablets. However, customers want assurance of their investment, so the guarantee has been offered,” Neupane said, adding, “This guarantee is a way of trying to convince Huawei smartphone users of being able to access Google apps like Gmail, Google Play, Google Maps, YouTube and Chrome.”

“Huawei has gained massive popularity in the Nepali market over the past few years because of the new technologies and updated features on the smartphones,” he said, claiming, “We will continue to provide quality service to our customers.”

The 100 per cent refund scheme is applicable for Huawei smartphones and tablets which have been purchased from authorised Huawei channel partners. The offer is applicable on smartphones of Y series, Nova series, Tab series, P-series and Mate series.

However, the offer will not be applicable for physically damaged phones or those that have been damaged by third-party software.

Huawei at present is the second largest smartphone selling brand in Nepal after Samsung.

Following the restrictions imposed by the US government recently on doing business with the Chinese tech giant, Google had taken a decision to ban all services from the Chinese smartphone brand.

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Written by Sandeep Sen
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