Indecision, spats and flogged players – England crumble under Eddie Jones


A fifth successive Test defeat and loss of series in South Africa has exposed an unhealthy regime that needs a drastic reboot

The Eddie Jones era has been nothing if not educational for the Rugby Football Union. The idea was to hire the world’s most experienced coach, shower him in cash and then sit back and watch him reel in the 2019 World Cup. The only thing Jones will be catching between now and Christmas, at this rate, is a flight back to Australia.

Harsh, perhaps, on the guru who steered England to 24 wins in his first 25 matches, but those halcyon days are starting to read like dog-eared fable. England have lost five Tests in succession, are in danger of unravelling as World Cup contenders and, on and off the field, seem to have had the joy and personality sucked out of them.

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Written by Robert Kitson in Bloemfontein
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