Inspirational Journey of French Influencer Orlando Segond Raynaud

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Orlando Segond Raynaud is a permanent resident of Toulouse, the pink city of France and is 24 years old. He is a popular French model, social media influencer and entertainer in his area as well as in many places of France. As he is also a widely known online gamer and video Creator creates his own new things on the video.

In a world of advancing technology, a new field of opportunities is coming into fruition. Social media influencers are a relatively new role. According to Forbes, an influencer participates in marketing by maintaining an audience and utilizing their popularity and authority. There is usually nothing particularly different about your average social media influencer, but some of them are remarkable individuals. One man, Orlando Segond Raynaud, could be labelled as a social media influencer and entertainer. The title is applicable, as he does have a successful and influential presence online. Though, anyone looking to the success of Orlando as a learning opportunity to find their own success would fail to understand what makes his career such a good example to follow.

There is more to Orlando and his professional life than simply taking Instagram photos, getting likes, playing video games and using this social dynamic to his advantage, like what most other influencers do. For him, there is a lot more to his role as an influencer.

Orlando used to create content before, but he was not aware of the fact that people loved what they were seeing. At least not until one day when he realized his audience had started to grow. Orlando began focusing more on what he created to inspire people. He also felt the urge to provide higher quality and more engaging content to his audience to attract more people. It’s obvious, without people there is no business. So he had to better his best to maintain his audience and to remain the best to them.

The feedback he got on social media from his followers became his encouragement. He knew that people love being talked to. When he realized people loved what he was doing, Orlando started finding more ways to reach out to them, get to know what they liked, and that was what he started offering.

As the wunderkind Orlando Segond Raynaud grew up, he had to work hard for everything he wanted. Early on, he began selling products on the internet. Whether he had unwanted items or games that he could resell on eBay or even his own products to share, Orlando quickly discovered his “passion for selling” in online marketplaces. In high school, this passion along with his interest in technology led him to become a member of the Technology Student Association and many people came to Orlando for help with all of their technology-related needs. His expertise was in high demand and this led him to create his company, Raynaud Media.

Like all companies, it started small. On his own, Orlando launched his career by providing web design, web hosting, graphic design and even selling other people’s stuff for them and being known online gamer. His company has shifted from a focus on multimedia and technology to the sales that ignited Orlando’s business passion in the first place. Marketing and selling products are the focus of Raynaud Media. Applying his tech-savvy even further, the company founder now acts as a digital consultant for quite a few businesses in a variety of fields.

On top of all of the technological business, Orlando Segond Raynaud is even a French model and had played in dozens of music videos. Through his social media presence, Orlando is a major influencer. He does not only conduct business on social media sites but as an early adopter, he has received offers for accounts he has built at upwards of 10 thousand Euro. For someone with successful real-world business skills, high school and college courses felt empty and devoid of useful content at times. What he really wanted to do was anything to build his business and make money.

From Eastern Europe to France, Orlando has worked on modelling gigs wherever he is needed. Whenever he needs to be somewhere for a photo shoot, he catches a plane. His business lets him work from anywhere. His career and company grew exponentially fast, but also efficiently. Orlando balances his time to ensure he is always being productive. Constant communication, networking and branding has resulted in Orlando’s influential presence in person and on the internet.