Instagram is creating a ‘personalized mall’ for everyone

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It’s nearly Black Friday, and we’re gearing up with a podcast about shopping, of course. This week on Why’d You Push That Button, Vox’s Kaitlyn Tiffany and I discuss Instagram shopping: why do we buy stuff? I’ve never bought something from the app, but that’s mostly because I’m discovering that I have expensive taste, not because I’m not tempted.

We chat with Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel about all of the horrible gadgets he’s bought, as well as Vox reporter Rebecca Jennings about how the Instagram algorithm learns what we love and then targets us with it. Then we talk to Choosy, an Instagram-made company that uses software to figure out the hottest clothing trends to beat other brands to market. It’s wild, truly. And finally, we…

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Written by Ashley Carman
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