International students seeking traffic discount in Australia


Australia’s International Student Council established the agenda for the first time of the establishment of international students for the government to mobilize public transport.

The International Student Leadership Council of Australia is considered to be the trustworthy political and business person here.

Nepali student PJ Shrestha has been selected in the advisor of this organization. International Student Leadership Council has been appointed as consultant to coordinate international rights from Nepal and advocate their rights.

He is also the Vice President of the University of Nepal Vice President of Nepal. He graduates from the Catholic University in the management of the second generation established in Nepalese and Australian community. He left Nepal at age 6 with his parents. She also likes interest in Australian politics.

President of this organization is Chinese student Huwaiz ji. She is a recognized international student in the Australian Chinese community.

According to the program, the apple director of China’s Aluminum Company producer also said that participation will not be present. But Australian youth students, leaders and traders of our political parties will be participating.

Mark Kurr, Secretary, Transport and Transportation of the New South Wales Parliament will attend there to hear and address the international students.