Local units to build integrated settlements of up to 99 houses

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Kathmandu, November 15

The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has decided to delegate the responsibility to the local units for the development of integrated settlements with up to 99 households.

The executive committee meeting of NRA today passed the Integrated Settlement Procedure, 2018, which envisions transferring the integrated settlement development works for quake-victims to the government’s local units.

Under this procedure, such local units will get grants for the development of integrated settlements on the recommendation of the District Project Implementation Unit of the reconstruction authority. However, the District Project Implementation Unit will have to take up the responsibility to develop integrated settlements with more than 99 households, as per the procedure.

Speaking at a meeting held today, Sushil Gyewali, chief executive officer of NRA, said that the new provision in the Integrated Settlement Procedure will help to bring together scattered households and promote managed human settlements.

The Integrated Settlement Procedure has highlighted three options for human settlement development. If resettlement is not possible at identified places owing to difficult terrain and geography, settlements from such places will be transferred to one or more feasible places ensuring basic infrastructure in the new settlement areas.

Similarly, the procedure also has the provision to resettle only a few households and manage others in the same places with necessary reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Likewise, the newly enacted Integrated Settlement Procedure also has a provision to develop integrated settlements for scattered households based on their demand and necessity.

As per the procedure, households in the Tarai region will get Rs 300,000 for developing integrated settlements while households in hilly and mountain regions will get Rs 400,000 and Rs 500,000, respectively for the purpose.

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