Momo Masterchef – Hunt for the Best Momos Begins in Melbourne

The NTB's endorsed function is set to look for the best Momo maker as an initiative to promote Nepalese Cuisine in Australia


Unlike Masterchef Australia, the enthusiastic Nepalese community in Australia has their own version of Masterchef, Momo Masterchef, an initiative to spread their culture in the Aussie land. Sponsored by Momo Station, the hunt for the Best Traditional Momo, Best Creative Momo and the Best Haramiest Momo (Tastiest Momo) will begin at M Festival 2018.

Momo Station, one of the famous destination for Nepalese in Melbourne, will be assisting the event organisers to find out the next Momo Masterchef. The interest for participation can be provided by filling a form here.

With around a month left for the event, the preparation for the Momo Masterchef is up and running. Earlier, Nepal Tourism Board endorsed the Momo Festival as one of the pioneer event for NTB’s Experience Campaign.

This will be one of the main events for the Momo Festival 2018 which starts from March 23, 2018 till March 26, 2018.


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