Police constable arrested for bribing 1 crore

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Police constable is arrested on charges of about 1 million frauds. Police constable Suman Adhikari, who was working at police station in Sarangkot, Lekhnath Municipality 18, Pokhara, has been arrested.

35-year-old officer of Gorkha Aarupokhari with Nisha Pariyar from Kaski, is charged for not giving back the money which they had collected as per to pay the interest.

Constable and Pariyar, YCL Kaski’s senior vice president, Angels Karki and Chief of Discipline Department, Chief Laxman Adhikari, have taken control to them under Kaski police on Tuesday.

Police Chief, Police Superintendent Ashok Singh said that they were being kept under District Police Office Kaski.

By now, 9 have said they were deceived. People say that they are not given money based on verbal condition but are not certified.