Team Chauraha’s hattrick on DPL

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In the finals, these two teams had a great match. In the end of the leg phase, these two were in the top position. Kathmandu goldens were in the top position with 9 points and the Team Chauraha was second. At that stage Kathmandu Goldens lost the game, one of the two games lost by Team Chauraha was against Kathmandu Goldens. Later, in the qualifiers-1 team, the squad reached the finals of Kathmandu Golden Kings.

Kathmandu Golden, who was seen in the competition, was defeated by Mahindranagar United to reach the final. In the finals, Team Chauraha made 81 runs in 4 wickets before batsman. In reply, Kathmandu Goldens could make only 60 runs by losing 8 wickets. Rohan Mustafa was one of the most important roles in the team to win the team squad in the final. She was declared as a man of match. The victory of the Team Chauraha in particular was important for the special reason. In the team’s cross-border success, the biggest hand was in danger. He scored 898 runs and took 9 wickets. So she also joined the Man of Surgeon. He also taught Captain Somalap’s leadership on many occasions.

One of the organizers of this competition was the city’s own team. Therefore, the viewer who had a large number of grounds in his support did not have to be disappointed. Second, the Tim squad played in the captaincy of Sompal Kami. In contrast to the other team captain, he was new to ‘the vision of leadership’. Many of them suspected that Chauraha did not win the title.

This time the team was also special for the team of team squad Sher Bahadur Lama. Lama Van de is the first player of Nepali origin to play. He had received this opportunity from Hong Kong. The lack of play is bound to be trained. Lama has played the role of the instructor in such a big competition in Nepalese land. This is the first time. Lama succeeded in its first attempt. To make this success to Dhandaghi, the fast bowler Lalit Singh Bhandari also contributed to a significant contribution. Bhandari took 14 wickets and became the most successful bowler of the competition. Similarly, Sunil Dhamala contributed 299 runs.