Thimi Municipality Mayor Sundar Shrestha under attack

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Madan Sundar Shrestha, Mayor of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality of Bhaktapur was under attacked.

Kamal Gayawali, Chief Administrative Officer of Madapur Thimi Municipality, who was undergoing treatment at the new Thimi of Mayor Shrestha, who was injured by a radar accident in the unknown group said.

Gayawali informed that unknown persons, who were involved in a program participating in a program organized on Saturday afternoon, were trapped by car parking at a vehicle at Madhyapur Thimi-3.

He said, “I have been with us all day and day, I have returned to the Mayor home by sending Baneswhwor.”

He said, ‘As soon as we reach the home and park the vehicle, we have to attack.’

The vehicle of his Ba 8F 8720 has also been broken. Car batteries have broken.

DSP Prajwal Maharjan, Metropolitan Police Circle Chief said that the attacker is investigating.