Tourism task force opposes one-week quarantine rule for tourists



Tourism Recovery Task Force (TRTF) has submitted a request letter to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) today opposing the latter’s decision of oneweek quarantine for foreigners.

A delegation of TRTF submitted the letter to MoCTCA requesting it to withdraw the decision.

On Tuesday, MoCTCA had released protocols for foreigners who are interested to visit Nepal for mountaineering and trekking. The protocol states foreigners would have to compulsorily stay in hotel quarantine for seven days after landing here.

However, TRTF has claimed that the quarantine rule will dissuade tourists from traveling here.

“An average length of stay of tourists in Nepal is 12 days.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there are high chances of more tourists from nearby destinations visiting for short stays. So, it will be a bit hectic for them to stay in quarantine for seven days,” reads the letter.

TRTF has also mentioned that many tourists may be planning to visit the country for less than a week and the mandatory quarantine rule will force them to cancel their plans, and add to the losses of tourism entrepreneurs and workers, the letter has added.

“The service providers are prepared to welcome guests using health safety precautions and tourism industry is quite a disciplined sector compared to others. So, it will be easier to track the tourists as well,” the letter has stated.

TRTF has also urged the government to open other tourist activities along with trekking and mountaineering.

While the task force has requested the government to allow tourists who arrive with a negative PCR test report to carry on with their planned activities in the country without having to stay in quarantine, it has also asked the authorities to make it mandatory for tourists to sign up for travel packages arranged by the travel and trekking companies before landing in Nepal.

“This will make it easier for the government to monitor their activities.”

Likewise, TRTF has also demanded strong monitoring of tourism industry to ensure the protocols put in place are being followed stringently.


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