US PGA Championship 2020: final round – live!


A hole-in-one for An Byeong-hun! It’s at the 189-yard par-three 11th. A high draw lands softly on the green, takes four ever-decreasing bounces, and drops obediently into the cup! The feat takes a second or two to register – no punters down there to lose their minds – but when the penny drops, up go both arms in triumph with a jolly YAY! His playing partner Sepp Straka makes up for the lack of ear-splitting noise by cheering as well. A lovely moment. An ambles down to the green and plucks his ball from the hole with a smile of sweet satisfaction … but not before repairing his pitchmark. Look and learn, kids.

There’s not a whole lot going on at the moment, if we’re being totally honest with you. The 12th tee box is near the boundary fence, where small crowds have congregated all week to cheer on their favourites. Tiger belts one down the track to a few whoops and hollers. His caddy gives him a sandwich. The first major of the year, right here, live on your super soaraway Guardian.

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Written by Scott Murray
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