Vidya Devi Bhandari elected as President

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President Vidyadevi Bhandari has been elected for the second term. Her new tenure will be for next five years.

The elections were held on Tuesday for the presidential election. Congress President Kumari Lakshmi Rai and present President Bhandari was in the election field.

In the electoral system, the federal parliamentarians with the federal parliament were also voters. The vote was voted for the Federal Assembly and the vote of 48 states of the Rajya Sabha was 48.

Bhandari has been elected to the President with two-thirds of votes. Bhandari got 39 thousand 275 votes. He had given votes by the 245 federal parliamentarians and 415 Rajya Sabha members.

The congress candidate Rai said 11730 votes. They have voted 78 federal MPs and 116 Rajya Sabha members.

8 MPs vote discarded

In the election 331 of federal parliament and 536 members of the Rajya Sabha have been voted. However, the vote of three federal MP and 5 Rajya Sabha members has been stirred.

5 of federal parliamentarians and 14 members of the Rajya Sabha did not vote, out of which new Shakti, NKK and Vivekesh Shrestha did not decide to vote.

There were three MPs nominated in the National Assembly, but after getting punished, the absconding Rajya Sabha MP Deepak Manang could not be voted.

Congress considers the dissatisfaction

Bhandari was elected to the second President of Nepal on 11th October 2027. He was in dispute with the president for more than two years, at the end of his work.

Before becoming the new government Sher Bahadur Deuba, after the name of the three members who recommended to nominee in the National Assembly member, is accused of dealing with the government on the basis of party’s belief. The Congress has expressed its dissatisfaction with the election to destroy the same reason.

Bhanari, born on Bhojpur Manevhing, was the Vice Chairman of the President before the President.

The poor experience of the past can be a fair role, and there is a need to welcome the President by taking the hope that the President should come. “Congress MP Gagan Thapa said,” Everyone can become the President if he determines his role. ”

Oath to be tomorrow at 4 o’clock

The newly elected President Vidyadevi Bhandari has taken the oath of office and privacy. Session time is scheduled for 4 o’clock on Wednesday. The president is the winner of the presidency.