Weekend football countdown: Liverpool v Arsenal, Solskjær and more – live!


It’s the Old Firm this weekend, with Rangers looking for their first win over Celtic since Brendan Rodgers arrived a couple of years ago. Or, depending on how you want to frame it, since they returned to the Scottish top flight in 2016.

“We’re playing against a good team who’ll be well-drilled. We know that we have to bring our best to get the result we want,” said Rangers manager Steven Gerrard, sort of talking like his boys are coming up against some sort of stodgy mid-table outfit like Stoke, rather than the team who have won the last nine league titles.

Good news from Italy, where the racism suffered by Kalidou Koulibaly during Napoli’s game against Inter the other day is being treated with the requisite seriousness by authorities at the highest leve…oh, no, wait.

The country’s deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini, appeared on Italian TV last night and said:

Racism is the stuff of idiots in 2018, but let’s not put everything in the same pot. In the stadiums they also sing ‘Milan in flames’, would that be racism too?

Bonucci was booed by the Milan fans, is that racism? Healthy teasing among fans is not to be considered racism.

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Written by Nick Miller and James Piercy
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