West Indies v England: Women’s World T20 – live!

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14th over: England 69-6 (Shrubsole 11, Dunkley 9) Five from Fletcher’s over as the tv cameras show us a close-up of Knight’s face. Pensive. But not glum.

Lucky she didn’t see this:

Now is exactly the right time to contemplate our dooooooooooom. pic.twitter.com/lPIdSUiJDC

13th over: England 63-6 (Shrubsole 7, Dunkley 7) A meaty late cut by Shrubsole whizzes down to the boundary for four. Then Dunkley scuffles her feet down the pitch and drives purringly through extra cover for four more. Bludgeon and rapier.

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Written by Tanya Aldred
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West Indies v England: Women’s World T20 – live!

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