What exactly is Arsenal’s identity under Unai Emery?

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Eight months after the manager was appointed, evidence of a stylistic shift away from years of Wengerism remains cloudy

Unai Emery has been studying. The primary aspiration this season was always writ large: get Arsenal back into the Champions League any which way. So to try to get the measure of where his team stand, what their chances are and also forage for clues to improvement, he has been busy examining Premier League trends to bring reassurance they are on the right track.

“I use a lot of information about the previous years in the Premier League of other teams and also our team,” he says. “I remember three years ago Liverpool were playing in the final of the Europa League, they were in the top four in the table in the Premier League. Their progress is very good progress. Maybe Manchester City is a different example, because they bought important players, paying a lot, and maybe we can’t do that. But our way is we can do something similar to Liverpool, similar to Tottenham, doing more with young players, using players well who can improve with us. We are doing that. We need time, but also we need to be very demanding of ourselves.”

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Written by Amy Lawrence
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