Will end up all routes syndicate – PM Oli

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Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has expressed the determination to end the entire Syndicate, saying that only the beginning of the syndicate of traffic sector is beginning.

Addressing the meeting of the UML Parliamentary Party held in Parliament House on Sunday, the Prime Minister expressed satisfaction that the Syndicate was not acceptable anywhere.

Oli said that this government is a strong government with full support of the people. No one thought that Syndicate would be broken. But this government left Syndicate. There is also a syndicate in other areas that too is broken. ‘

Prime Minister Oli said that the leader will be strengthened only in the support of the people, saying no one should be afraid when the leader is strengthened in democracy. Oli told his mission to strengthen the system not to be a person in democracy, saying some angered him as a prime minister.

Congress leader Dr. Shekhar Koirala also coordinated the Oli leadership government with the warning that Congress converts. He also urged to ensure that this government is not a government. Regarding Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala, he warned that Manamohan official led by UML leadership to freeze the government.

Oli said – At first one uncle said that in some respect, this government was shocked by filling it. His nephew uses the same word to cover this government.

Prime Minister Oli also expressed interest in not being impatient to the counterpart. He said that there is no need for any other election for 5 years and there is no stable government because the opposition should not be attacked or intolerant. He suggested opposition to not opposing the opposition.

Oli said, ‘No one gets confusion, we are very soft, not intolerant with the opposition.’ Now the election is not coming. Instead, the opposition should also support and work well. Protecting good work is only the cause of throat problem (problem of neck).

He said that in the context of budget session, there will be no parliamentarians representing Parliament in contrast to party policy, while directing the two MPs of the UML MPs. He also directed MPs to disagree with the differences within the party.