World Cup 2018: Sweden v South Korea – live!


The players emerge from the tunnel to the familiar sound of the White Stripes classic ‘Oh Michael van Gerwen’. It’s a lovely sunny day in Nizhny Novgorod.

An email! “It strikes me that for a long time Sweden had a fairly ordinary side with some attacking quality that elevated it (Ljunberg, Larsson, Ibra) but I don’t really see that anymore,” says Gerry Scott. “For that reason I think I fancy the South Koreans to just nip it one nil. That said my predictions are usually hopelessly, gloriously wrong.”

I know what you mean – but Swedish sides are very good at knowing their limits, and this team are strong defensively. I think they’re the likelier winners, though I’m going for 1-1 because I’ve bet the farm on it. Yesterday’s result has made it really difficult for either team to qualify.

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Written by Rob Smyth
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