Archana Paneru’s ‘Fake Husband’ is boycott

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Archana Paneru, who was discussing becoming a porn star, had publicized a photo of an American citizen that she had married. Police arrested by the US citizen Wolf Price.

Police arrested him with a total of 200 grams of weeds from a house in Balumbu and also dozens of used and unused condoms. He has been renting a single house.

Police have arrested a child and a girl there. They are not open to why they have been placed there.

SSP Vishwaraj Pokharel said that the investigation was started after adding five deadline expenses to the drug court from Kathmandu district court.

The police had attacked according to locals’ complaint against the victim’s actions in the house. Locals say Archana and her mother goes to the house time and again. Archanda had told that she was not married to Wolf yesterday.