Bullet and sports bikes are targeted by the traffics

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The metropolitan traffic police superintendent has made a campaign to take control of unusual sounds bikes. According to the supremacy of the blocks that took place in more than 110 big sound bikes in a week.

According to the traffic police, many motorcycles have been polluting them.

According to the supermarket’s spokesperson Umesh Ranjitkar, the bikes make a loud sound only after it is modified.

“In fact, more than 90 percent of the bike was found for the Royal Infield (Bullet),” Ranjitkar said. So we started the control campaign.

The Traffic Police has started transforming such bikes into transformation into normal conditions. It is also paying the charge of 5 thousand rupees as the penalty.

He said that the company is not going to be the sole supplier.

Traffic has been reported such bikes threaten the heart disease patients.

In the past, the trend has been increased by modifying the motorcycle and making a huge sound. Such a situation has come as a result of thinking that the bike that has a big voice sounds like ‘solid’.

However, the traffic has triggered a bike on the bike that raises such a voice in the Valley, causing sound pollution.