Court orders not to dust

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High court Nepalgunj has ordered to work for the waste dust management during road construction.

According to the court, it has ordered to take care of the dust as it is affecting the public health.

Lots of requests were filed against dust rose during the construction of road in Nepalgunj. The High Court Judge Saranga Subedi and Khusiprasad Tharu have ordered to manage the dust during the work of development.

Nepalgunj advocates Sunil kumar Shrestha, Bishwajeet Tiwari, Basant Gautam, Bikash Acharya, Balabahadur Chand were discussing the issue of dust management, subject to public concern.

This was administered to District Administration, Regional Traffic, Bheri Zonal Traffic, Nepalgunj Municipality, Environment Department, Regional Road and Division Office, Highway Highway Chief Minister and Office of Council of Ministers.