CTEVT to initiate proveniences

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Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) has drafted a plan to establish institutions in all the seven provinces of the country. CTEVT announced to be all the Model Technical College in an event organized in Bhaktapur.

As per Prof Dr. Geeta Bhakta Joshi, member of National Planning Commission, it is difficult to align CTEVT in federal structure due to instability circumstances. He shared that it would be better to reform existing institutions rather than forming new ones and the government is carrying on financial planning and policy formulation for the establishment of Model Polytechnic Centers all over the nation. He also pinpointed enormous number untrained workforce in Nepal. , “Every year, 5,00,000-strong youth workforce is produced in the country but only 1,14,000 of them are trained.” he asserted.

“CTEVT would highlight systematic and transparent monitoring and evaluation of technical education in the country. We want to improve the technical and vocational training in the country.” said Pushpa Raman Wagle, a member secretary at CTEVT. He further expressed that the plan to establish a model multi-technical college in every province is the major motive of CTEVT.