ICC Strict monitoring on player’s behavior

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has overshadowed the player’s discipline.

David Richardson, chief executive of ICC, told that players will be reinstated in the behavior of the players. Richardson, who is strongly monitored by the violation of cricket code, has said in an interview by the ICC.

They will also be able to handle the main responsibility of the player’s maintenance. ‘This focuses primarily on two things. First, the Code of Conduct of ICC. He will be evaluated by evaluating the principles of crime, “he said. Second, the respect to be in each other will be taken into consideration, based on the spirit of cricket. This will be suggested by the former player, sports official and present player’s opinion.

He has told that he was taking such action as long as the questions arise with the behavior of the player. It is said that all of them are making cricket reliable.

During the third test against South Africa, questioning the player’s discipline after the Australian ball batting tape was controversial. At the same time, the ICC has brought a new plan.