Indian Prime Minister Modi to visit Nepal on 28th Baisakh

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to arrive Nepal on 28th Baisakh.

Nepal prepared to welcome Modi in 11th. However, India has proposed a new date, which Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has accepted.

Now Modi will come to Nepal in Nepal 28. “We prepared for 25, but after the Indian side got mixed in May 11 for Modi, the preparation has started”, said the Prime Minister’s source.

Although the formal announcement of the trip has to be left. During the two-day official visit, Indian Prime Minister Modi Janakpur is also scheduled to attend.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is visiting China after pushing Modi’s visit.

Prime Minister Pradeep Gayawali recently came to Beijing for preparing for Prime Minister’s visit. However, India has set a new date after coming to Nepal.

Nepal has also accepted the new date for the visit of Modi’s determined visit.