Mount Everest to be Scaled by Three Women Mountaineers

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Kathmandu, January 20: A team of three mountaineers led by Lakpa Yangjee Sherpa is set to scale Mt. Everest on coming April.

The mainstream news about the scaling of the World’s Highest Mountain is true and has been further shared by Tourist Journalist Association this Friday during a Press Conference. Lakpa Yangjee Sherpa, Yangdi Sherpa, and Pashang Lhamu Sherpa are set to begin their expedition from April 7, 2018.

The Logistic Support will be provided by the Everest Hardware and will be climbing the peak through Ascent Himalayan Trek and Expedition Company.

Lakpa Yangjee was available for a comment during the conference.

We will start climbing the Everest for promoting tourism in the country, as well as increasing women’s participation in the mountaineering sector.


Note: The comment has been modified slightly for the easy understanding of the readers.

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