Narayangadh-Muglin route risks of flood

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The road has also increased due to normal water curtains even after the fall in Narayangadh-Muglin road block. A weekend has been falling daily. In the same day, four to four percent have been dropped in small.

According to divisional engineer Govind Khanal, Narayangadh-Muglin road project, which started drying the water after shining water and drying. He said that during the road expansion, the wall was damaged and the water was collected in the dried area and the water was dry.

So the road block is being expanded into three sections. The third section namely Muglin is being constructed by the Sun Rambaha JBV. Due to many mountains, there are many clothes in this place.

According to the JBB side, Rajan Dahal said that the slopes were shipped at 8 o’clock in the morning. He said that due to lack of one-way reasons and lack of vehicles, there was no big problem.

He informed that the thief should be removed within an hour and 30 minutes after harvesting the garbage in the afternoon. On Friday, the fall of eighty kilos, the thieves and the black-colored garbage had fallen. It took time for half an hour to take a place to remove the garment. Dahal said Wednesday, and on Wednesday, the small-scale damages fell in three places.

Even in the other parts of the road, the smallest costumes have begun to start. Divisional Engineer Khanal said that the problem could come soon after the rain started. He said that work would be affected soon after raining due to the construction of roads and construction work.

Police Inspector Santosh Pant of District Traffic Police Office said that the past one week and the stone began to fall, and in some places the police had started using a vehicle to drive the vehicle. He said that the driver had been asked to drive the distance between one and other vehicles, demanding only to go ahead, walking around the road, and not to push the road.

In most places, soil cuts have reduced soil and some stones and droughts are falling. According to Khanal, the work is going to fall in the first phase to reduce stones, sticks and soil.

With this, two rock-related rock bolting, construction structures, construction of cabinets, sewing attachments, and sewing fittings, rock-mounting rocket-making, delayed sewing trimming, kilos in the wall, and draining water, are the work of the French Drain, Bio Engineer. According to him, a contract has been given to the tune of 14 million for the work of splitting the road into two parts.

Khanal said that he was the highest risk of the road in 18 places. He said that work will be started at the beginning where most of them are sensitive.

Four policemen were killed when a police van was shot dead on the road near by last night. Last year, due to rainfall, the passengers had been suffering from last year due to lack of dry cleaning.