Oli and Modi will worship together at the Janaki temple

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Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be worshiping together in the Janki temple next Friday. Prime Minister Oli will return to Kathmandu after being worshiped.

After the Indian Prime Minister Modi Janakpur came to the Prime Minister, the land system of State 2, Agriculture and Cooperative Minister, Shailendra Prasad Sah, informed that the Prime Minister of both the countries, together with the program of worshiping at Janki Temple in the United States.

According to the courage, when Prime Minister Modi’s defense minister Ishwor Pokhrel welcomed the program to enter Janakpur. Sah said that there is a joint venture program in the temple as soon as the Minister Pokhrel welcomed.

Prime Minister will come to Janakpur on October 3. He will not join the Indian Citizenship Program in the Indian Premier League. “Our Prime Minister will not live in the forum”, said Minister Sah. “He will go to Kathmandu by worshiping the temple.”

The Indian Prime Minister Modi will come to the temple built on the Bibgha Ground with the puja and the temple. In this forum there will be two speakers except Modi. The Chief Minister of the state has decided that the closure of the program and head of the Janakpur sub-municipality of the welcoming event has been decided.

‘They will also keep a short term’, Sah said, the time will be given to Modi to speak with the ‘welcome reception’. And, then, Chief Minister Lalabu Raut will end the meeting.

After checking the general on the sixth line

An arrangement for 6 lines of arrangements will be made for the people of Nepal when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Janakpur on 28th. The first line will be made in front of the platform, where only those coming along with Modi will live.

Nepal’s central ministers and MPs will remain in the second level. State Minister and State Ministers will be arranged for the third level. Agriculture Minister Sah said, ‘Special employees in the fourth line, in the fifth line, the head of municipal / village elders and sixth lines will be able to live in public.’

After discussing the Gate pass of the people in the Twelve, Shilan Prasad Sah, Minister for Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives will be given permission to enter the Gatapas without registration.

In the meeting held on Monday in Janakpur, Minister Sah, the coordinator of the civil society committee, has informed. He said, “The person who has got rid of the passage is also wrong.

However, he said that the security personnel will be checking. “There may be a check-up for security,” he said, ‘besides this there is no need for any passage.’

He said that the local government leaders, who have been playing role in bringing the people to the public, said that arrangements were made to them. “Initially, there was no discussion on the line of line for them,” he said, “now they have agreed to set up a line for them too.”

The representative, the Rajya Sabha member and the Minister will be able to enter directly on the basis of the identity card, said that the councils / municipal heads should be brought near. He also said that the discussion was going on for the journalists.

Janakpur-Ayodhya bus to be operated

Janakpur-Ayodhya bus operation will also be conducted with Modi’s Janakpur tour. The program has been scheduled to come back from Biodhya and return from Janakpur on Baisakh 28.

Janakki’s marriage has been history with Rama’s son Ram of Ayodhya, informed that the courage will be operated from Janakpur to Ayodhya, Secretary’s Health Secretary Upendra Sah said.