Romelu Lukaku double ensures Belgium stroll to win against Panama

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In the end, the gap was too great and reality got in the way. It was always likely to. Panama’s manager, Hernán Darío “Bolillo” Gómez warned there would be four possible outcomes in every game when they reached the World Cup for the first time in their history: they could win, they could draw, they could lose, and they could be goleado: hammered.

In Sochi, where more than 4,000 fans had travelled 7,000 miles, outnumbering the Belgians by four to one, and where the Russians who filled this arena were on their side too, Panama eventually succumbed. “Yes we can,” they had chanted but no, no, they couldn’t. A wonderful volley from Dries Mertens and two goals from Romelu Lukaku were the beating they feared.

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Written by Sid Lowe at the Fisht Stadium
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