Students-less school shuts down at Manang

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Almost 6 schools in Manang district has shut down their operations as they are failed to enrolled a single student even at the last quarter of the academic session.

Primary schools in Tilicho, Tanki, Bharka, Dabal, Humde and Pisang have reported zero students in the current academic session.

The number of students in the community schools in villages has gone down drastically over the years as students enroll in schools that are based in urban areas.

According to Principal of Tilicho Primary School, Yam Prasad Timalsina, the locals have admitted their children in schools in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Besisahar among others leading to a fall in number of students at local schools.

In the previous academic session, Tilicho Primary School had 26 students. However, this year the number has fallen down to zero forcing the school to shut down operations.

Likewise, the classrooms are padlocked in Humde based Humde Primary School for the past two years.

Other primary schools in the area have also shared the same plight as locals continue to admit children in schools based in cities, officials in the district informed.