2018 FIFA World Cup : Results and Fixtures(NST)

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KATHMANDU: Updated results and upcoming fixtures for 2018 FIFA World Cup being held in Russia.



Thursday 14 June

Russia 5 – 0 Saudi Arabia    Group A 


Friday 15 June

Egypt 0 – 1 Uruguay       Group A 

Morocco 0 – 1 IR Iran     Group B 

Portugal 3 – 3 Spain     Group B 


Saturday 16 June

France 2 – 1 Australia          Group C     

Argentina 1 – 1 Iceland       Group D    

Peru 0 – 1 Denmark             Group C      

Croatia 2 – 0 Nigeria            Group D      


Sunday 17 June

Costa Rica 0 – 1  Serbia        Group E   

Germany 0 – 1  Mexico        Group F   

Brazil 1 -1  Switzerland       Group E   


Monday 18 June

Sweden 1 – 0  Korea Republic   Group F    

Belgium 3 – 0 Panama               Group G  

Tunisia 1 -2    England               Group G   




The time-table for the group stage matches as per Nepali Standard Time:

Tuesday 19 June

Colombia VS Japan   17:45 NST     Group H     Mordovia Arena, Saransk

Poland VS Senegal    20:45 NST    Group H      Spartak Stadium, Moscow

Russia VS Egypt         23:45 NST    Group A     Saint Petersburg Stadium, St. Petersburg


Wednesday 20 June

Portugal VS Morocco          17:45 NST   Group B   Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

Uruguay VS Saudi Arabia   20:45 NST    Group A   Rostov Arena, Rostov-On-Don

IR Iran VS Spain                   23:45 NST    Group B   Kazan Arena, Kazan


Thursday 21 June  

Denmark VS Australia    17:45 NST     Group C  Samara Arena, Samara

France VS Peru               20:45 NST     Group C   Ekaterinburg Arena, Ekaterinburg

Argentina VS Croatia      23:45 NST    Group D   Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod


Friday 22 June

Brazil VS Costa Rica       17:45 NST     Group E   Saint Petersburg Stadium, St. Petersburg

Nigeria VS Iceland          20:45 NST    Group D  Volgograd Arena, Volgograd

Serbia VS Switzerland     23:45 NST   Group E   Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad


Saturday 23 June

Belgium VS Tunisia               17: 45 NST   Group G   Spartak Stadium, Moscow

Korea Republic VS Mexico   20:45 NST    Group F    Rostov Arena, Rostov-On-Don

Germany VS Sweden             23:45 NST    Group F   Fisht Stadium, Soc


Sunday 24 June

England VS Panama              17:45 NST     Group G   Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod

Japan VS Senegal                  20:45 NST     Group H   Ekaterinburg Arena, Ekaterinburg

Poland VS Colombia              23:45 NST     Group H   Kazan Arena, Kazan


Monday 25 June

Uruguay VS Russia         19:45 NST    Group A   Samara Arena, Samara

Saudi ArabiaVS Egypt    19:45 NST    Group A  Volgograd Arena, Volgograd

Spain VS Morocco          23:45 NST    Group B  Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad

IR Iran VS Portugal        23:45 NST    Group B   Mordovia Arena, Saransk


Tuesday 26 June

Australia VS Peru         19:45 NST     Group C     Fisht Stadium, Sochi

Denmark VS France     19:45 NST     Group C     Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

Nigeri VS Argentina    23:45 NST     Group D     Saint Petersburg Stadium, St. Petersburg

Iceland VS Croatia       23:45 NST      Group D     Rostov Arena, Rostov-On-Don


Wednesday 27 June

Korea Republic VS Germany   19:45 NST   Group F     Kazan Arena, Kazan

Mexico VS Sweden                   19:45 NST   Group F     Ekaterinburg Arena, Ekaterinburg

Serbia VS Brazil                         23:45 NST   Group E     Spartak Stadium, Moscow

Switzerland VS Costa Rica        23:45 NST   Group E     Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod


Thursday 28 June

Japan VS Poland           19:45 NST     Group H       Volgograd Arena, Volgograd

Senegal VS Colombia   19:45 NST     Group H       Samara Arena, Samara

Panama VS Tunisia        23:45 NST    Group G       Mordovia Arena, Saransk

England VS Belgium      23:45 NST   Group G        Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad


Written by Richa Thapa
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